OUFEEL Immersion Hand Blender, 500W 4 in 1 Immersion Electric Stick Blender Sets- Retro Blue

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  • WHAT YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM OUFEEL HAND KITCHEN MIXERS -- With electric blender mixers, you will release your hands for blending or pureeing the ingredients into a refreshing smoothie, silky pureed soup, or baby food and so on. And special design of whisk shape and S-shaped blade allows beating ingredients until light and fluffy.
  • VARIOUS SPEEDS WITH TURBO -- Hand blender mixer with “l” button and adjustable various speeds on the top for blending, mixing and chopping, is a good chef tool for you to make all kinds of recipes. ( USING BLENDER MORE THAN 1 MINUTE AND CHOPPER MORE THAN 15 SECONDS ONE TIME IS NOT ALLOWED.)
  • ERGONOMIC MINI DESIGN FOR EXCELLENT HANDING -- Special design of immersion hand-held mixer unit with anti-splash foot helps you achieve the hand-free action for fresh food in shorter time comfortably.Special hook-shape blade, improving food fluidity and mixing performance.
  • HEALTHY & EASY TO CLEAN -- OUFEEL hand blender is made of food grade material, free of PBA. Harmless to health. The blender is detachable, can be easily cleaned by water. (Notice: Can't be cleaned in the dishwasher)
  • REPLACED ATTACHMENTS FROM OUFEEL -- 1 piece electric hand blender with blending shaft, 500ML Chopper, 600ML Measuring Cup, Egg Whisk (SUS wire).